Internists & Family Practice

Dr. Michael Hubner MD    

1919 South Wheeling Avenue, Suite 108 

Ph# (918) 712-8111 

Dr. John Hubner 

Bernsen Medical Plaza 

1919 South Wheeling Ave. 

Ph#(866) 696-3847


Dr. Stephen Gawey 

1819 E. 19th St #302 

Ph# (866) 696-3847 

Dr. John Cox 

Bernsen Medical Plaza  

1919 S. Wheeling Ave. 

Ph#(918) 748-7600


Family Practice 

Dr. Don Roller 

4720 S. Harvard Ave. #102 



Dr. Trudy Milner 

1919 South Wheeling Ave. Ste. LL100 



Dr. Candy Ting DO 

4408 S. Harvard Ave. 


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About Dr. Paula Price 
Founder of New Era Apostleship and the COME Home Campaign

Dr. Paula Price, renowed Apostle and author of The Prophets Dictionary, founder of New Era Apostleship Restitution and PPM Global Resources, Inc.


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