Why Consider Tulsa?

Tulsa is rapidly becoming the home of Scripturally Organic and Culturally Unmodified Christianity. A brand of Christ that is dedicate to pure word and authenticity of scripture without the modern additives. This call is going out to believers looking for a mature knowledge of God, sound doctrine, answers to hard questions, biblical understanding of why Christianity exist and to connect with a body of believers who are ready to go beyond simple dogma to an expansive truth about why Christ and Christianity came to earth. 

If you cannot take another Sunday of the same ole same ole and you feel dry and empty in your walk, Tulsa's Congregation of the Mighty is for you! It's time to leave the valley of the dry bones behind!

Looking for a new career? Have you every thought about becoming a professional Prophet Advisor? Now you can? Tulsa is rapidly becoming the headquarters for prophets and apostles looking to establish their own professional guild for serving the public as God's agents. Going into every man's world, these professional centers will provide ongoing opportunities for those in need to receive regular prophetic advisement, counsel, and prophetic insight from the Lord. 

If you are ready to take the prophetics into the marketplace, then Tulsa is ready for you. Be a part of pioneering a new field and industry that will Jesus Christ recapture the spiritual climate of this generation. Come find out how to become more than a mouthpiece on your tour! Ask what it will take for you to launch your own new career path in the prophetic!

Our goal is to help apostles, prophets and other Five-Fold ministers receive the quality training, development and ministry support needed to become an certified, licensed, ordained or commissioned official of God's kingdom. Tulsa is rapidly becoming the capitol seat of professional ministry dissemination for these ministry types that goes beyond traditional learning and standard practices to produce a new force of leaders, diplomats, agents, and warriors ready to represent the kingdom of God in all 7 sphere's as ambassadors and representatives.  

If you are ready to help the Lord Jesus govern His kingdom, guard His ecclesia, and guide His next generations, Tulsa is ready for you! Be apart of pioneering the advancement of the future nation of Jesus Christ.  #readytobeused

Now you can receive a degree in the field of Apostolic and Prophetic ministry. Masters and Doctoral programs are now available for Apostles and Prophets who want to excel in their calling. Like pastors, teachers, and evangelists these two ministry functions can receive the honor and dignity of an accredited degree in their ministerial discipline. 

If you want to receive top quality education and training the join us in Tulsa. Get immersed in the full spectrum of your purpose and destiny by joining others from around the world in pursuing your education. Follow your passion. C.O.M.E. HOME! Learn more about our programs while your on tour!

Tired of church of usual? Tired of people promising you it will no longer be church as usual but every Sunday is the same? So are we. Tulsa is rapidly becoming the capitol seat for the church of the future or as we say church and more! It is our goal to not rebuild on the foundation of the traditional model. In fact we are not looking to launch a church, but an Ecclesial Embassy that will consist of a church, consulate, and a school. It will be a convergence of all 7 spheres in one entity to service the needs of Christ entire kingdom both in and out of the local assembly. It is our goal not to simply create another congregation but a population of empowered believers ready to live, demonstrate and replicate the brand of Jesus Christ. 

If you are tired of just attending services, just hearing inspiration sermons, and just going through the motions, then Tulsa has much to offer you! Go beyond church and be apart of building God's future kingdom ministries and enterprises. Ask on your tour how you can join the movement and find your place in God's future!

Find Homes, Jobs & Community

Take a tour of Tulsa and surrounding areas to discover what this beautiful city has to offer you as its newest local resident. Check out the breath taking homes, top quality schools, gorgeous communities and job opportunities that await you. Tulsa has always been known as a great place to raise a family, enjoy a nice standard of living at a lower cost, and a more positive spiritual climate. Come find out how you can make your transition to a place where you can thrive in your calling. 

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