More than a Church. Beyond a Building. 

Can you flip the cultural modifications of scripture to organic? Can you live this, beyond proclaiming it? We're taking Christianity back to its roots. 

Organic christianity is living by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. Powerful christians change the world. Organic Christians are those that change the world. 

Congregation of the Mighty Ecclesial Embassy-Who We Are

Ps. 82:1 God stands in the congregation of the mighty; He judges among the gods. 

We are the organic body of Christ.

We are a commonwealth--a society of Christians mirroring the eternal nations of Jesus Christ on earth, worshipping and serving Him as the lion of Judah and the lamb of God; revering Him as our sovereign Savior.

Our commission:

  • Matthew 28:1-20

  • Acts 26:18

  • Romans 15:16

We are identified by:

  • Luke 24:44

  • Ephesians 2:20

Organic Christianity is Instrumental to God

The word "organ" originally meant instrumental. Everything in your body has a sound. Over time, the fine work required to make a whole instrument, was likened to how the different parts of our body are arranged. The correlation made the word "organ" synonymous with the instrumentality of the human body and its numerous parts. 

Every time Paul addresses the body of Christ, he looks at it as the human body. You can't do anything on earth outside of the knowledge and structure of the human body, which the creator made. When a church is inorganic it is dead to Christ because it has chosen to the leave the stem--Christ's blood flow and life!

Organic Christianity: "Christianity Converts Nations", Dr. Paula Price